Seeless Sea

A frothy, gnawing sea, blue waves tipped with crackling fire,
rippling with tender, senseless ease-
phosphorescent neon lights twinkle with battle ready temerity, molted creatures, slimy green scales and gyrating fins-
bubbles release from thin gills and a cascading light of wonder that blinds but never wantonly befuddles-

bc9f9993ca2f37dd0607b80c965899f3A fish with the visage of an angel,
Dances as the tide shifts, a kaleidoscope of colors caress her lovingly as she glides,
Beasts of the deep waters, with shifty eyes and gaping mouths, gather closer as she shines, pockets of sunlight pierces through the witches brew of desire and magic, a few droplets of blood, red to purple, plasma to fading dreams, as the image dims and the fish bellows a song of regret.

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