i may wander

i may wander to the fields, i may wander  to  his house,

i may forget  to  bring my keys,  I may  let him break  my heart.

i’ve been told to be cautious. i’ve been led astray for too long

but my pride keeps me at bay. my progress is steady but it’s

those moments when  the moon is full, yellow  like the  eyes of a predator,

full like swoop of my  breasts,  that  remind me of my mortality. caution

is for those who have and  time and money  to squander. i’m living in the moment,

burning  up my borrowed time–fuck i’m going to  die without feeling a high.

i want to taste the  sky. i want  to climb the sun. i want to fuck the clouds  until the rains come.

i was made of the  earth; a mud  child buried amongst the weeds and  dirt. but i’ve grown wings  far  too early to remain rooted/   i was born  with eyes to the sky and lips to the stars. i was never meant to be here but i will enjoy the time i have left. i won’t have any regrets—i promise. even if the skies  wept. 

-Mecca-Amirah Jackson

4 thoughts on “i may wander

  1. This is fantastic. I really love the prose at the end. Thanks for inspiring me to keep going after whatever it is I want to taste out of this world. Such a spiritual awakening peace. I too, won’t have any regrets.


    1. thank you 😀 i’m happy that my writing inspired you! the world is boundless and it is frustrating to think we only will experience a fraction of it. but our heart’s will always yearn for more. Good! Peace has always been endgame for me and once it’s achieved,it’s interesting to witness how our goals and dreams align with our growth. Never stop achieving, dreaming, inspiring! – Mecca


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