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Mecca-Amirah Jackson | MBA with a Concentration in Digital Marketing | BA in English Literature | Social Media

How-to Self-Publish

Interested in learning how-to self-publish? Here I list some helpful tips and resources that can help you navigate this new chapters (haha) in your life.

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Social Media – Best Pratices

Hello! Other than poetry and writing, social media marketing is another of my many passions. Below I wrote down some social media best practices – whether for an individual, a company with 10 or 10,000 followers: Mecca-Amirah Jackson| Marketing Coordinator  Platform  TOV  LinkedIn  Personable, Professional, Concise  Facebook  Shareable, Action-Orientated, Conversational  Instagram  Contextual, utilize hashtags, Short  Twitter  Short, […]

You’re the Worst

You’re the Worst is a story that I am currently working on. It’s one of the many writing projects I distract myself with as I continue my other fantasy series. This idea came to me and I’m happy to see it come into fruition. I am about halfway done with the book and you can […]

But I didn’t listen

But I didn’t listen love me enough to stay; love me enough to leave. you told me it was silly to dream outside the four walls of your heart. you told me to clip my wings. you lied and said the world won’t accept a girl who follows her passions and strays from reality and […]