Are you bored and or procrastinating(aka avoiding all of your assignments like I am currently doing)? Well, I got something to either cure or make it worse!

I will be posting random facts, some of my interests, and the rare picture of my dog!

For my Goddess Mythology class, we have been discussing some interesting goddesses! Here is a very helpful website if you need information of any goddess from various regions!


Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes

Pele is a badass Hawaiian goddess who is known for her fiery temper!



Kali, Hindu goddess, The Black Goddess

You definitely did not want to get on Kali’s bad side!



Danu, Irish goddess of fertility, mother-goddess of the Tuatha De Danann

Mother of all Fairies–whats up!



Inanna, Summerian goddess, Queen of Heavens 

A very sensual, sexual goddess!



Freyja, Norse goddess of Beauty and Fertility

Yes, she is being drawn by cats on her chariot


I have been online-window-shopping (Is that even a term?) and here are some clothes I have been looking at for the Fall/Winter!


Sequin boots! I need to wear these with jeans!



Crushed Velvet and Lace?


Love it!


Sequin Bomber Jacket–Insert Heart Emojis





Mini Joplin Chokers-aka sign me up! has a lot of badass/cute jewelry!

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