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I don’t like to define what kind of eater I am– (i.e Paleo, Keto, plant-based, Vegan) but I try to eat what I noticed is best for me.

I’ve always had a “difficult” stomach so I had to cut off a lot of things– not even to lose weight but because it caused me pain or discomfort after I ate it

Currently, the meats I don’t eat are both pork and beef. Not for religious reasons but because red meat is harder for me to digest and honestly, how the animals are being treated. I’m not sure if I am slowly leaning towards becoming vegan but if I were, I would rather go slow than cut everything out all at once.

I just developed a sort of nut allergy– so far, it’s almonds and peanuts that cause extreme bloating, nausea, dizziness, and feverish-like symptoms. I am completely devastated because I LOVE NUTS. And strangely, I am deffff allergic to pomegranates, which I only had one time in my entire life

And lastly, I noticed that my body responds better to protein and healthy fats so I try–emphasis on try– to limit the number of simple carbs I consume


Face/Skin Routine:


I believe in using the bare minimum for my face. My face dries out easily so I try not to use face scrubs too frequently. I noticed that when I did, it made my skin very sensitive.

I literally only use two things to wash my face, which is rose water and cactus toner. Rose water leaves my face so soft and sometimes I use Orange blossom water.

I use cactus daily to clean dirt and sweat off. Since I work in the city, I also carry cleaning wipes to quickly use for my face.

I do like to mix it up and try different face masks when I have the time. Anything with aloe displays amazing results.


*I do not wear any makeup except for mascara so my routine works for me


Hair Routine/Curl Maintenance:

I have 3b/3bc curls so what I try to always focus on is combating dryness and frizziness.

Check out my review for My Curls Understood


What I am currently using:

  • Argan Oil Shampoo
  • Mane n’ Tail Conditioner (which is pretty cheap)
  • Almond & Avocado Nourishing Co-Wash (pictured below)
  • A Wide-Tooth comb and T-shirt to dry my hair


When I have the time, I make my own hair masks. Here are ingredients that showed the best results:

  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Aloe
  • Banana
  • Olive Oil
  • Mayo (I know, ew, but hey, it works)

*When I have leftover gunk (which I always do) I apply the mixture on my face


Check out my BLK + GRN Review here:



Places I’ve Been(so far):

Read all about it here:

IMG_7487 Amsterdam, Holland


Beignets from Cafe du Monde
Louis Armstrong Park





Isla Verde Beach, PR
Old San Juan, PR



















Music is everything to me and a major factor in my writing process. I mostly listen to R&B, Soul, and Rock when I write. I try to listen to the lyrics of every song and even get a feel of the artists’ emotions.

Here are some artists that I am lovingggg:

Ari Lennox


Her voice is so sultry and sensual. Her recent album, Shea Butter Baby, is powerful in its stark femininity. The must-listen tracks are:

  • “BMO”
  • “Facetime”
  • “Speak to Me”



Snoh Aalegra


Honestly, if you haven’t already heard of Ms. Aalegra, then you need to do yourself a favor and LISTEN. I’ve talked about Aalegra in the past (in this post)  but I cannot get over how timeless and almost old-hollywood eraish she sounds. And her RANGE–she does not stick with one style but has experimented with other genres and artists. Luckily, with her latest project, Ugh, those feels again, she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. The must-listen tracks are:

  • “I Want You Around”
  • “Whoa”
  • “Toronto”


Mac Ayres

Unknown-4.jpegIt only takes one listen to be enraptured with Ayres’ voice. Slow, hypnotic, intimate–every track feels as if you are sitting front row at one of his concerts. This is slow dancing music, this is I-am-falling-in-love-and-I-want-everyone-to-know-it music. His past projects are just as magical. You will not regret it. Here are the must-listen songs from his latest album Juicebox.


  • “I Wanna Give Up”
  • “Shadows”
  • “Jumping Off the Moon”


Brent Faiyaz

(also, part of the group Sonder)


Oh, Brent, how your music has brought me peace in times of duress. Faiyaz’s voice is transcendent–it pierces through your chest and seizes your heart. As the music plays, you cannot help but pause whatever you’re doing when he first comes on the track. Faiyaz is a natural storyteller–you don’t even realize there is a story hidden between the lines because his vocals are flawless. I cannot wait for more music by him. His past projects and singles are timeless. Here are some must-listen tracks from his recent EP, Lost:

  • “Why’z It So Hard”
  • “Around Me”
  • “Trust”


Summer Walker


Summer Walker knows how to exactly speak to the heart. The pains, the joys, the throes of the push-and-pull of desire. She is bold, her voice is powerful; I absolutely love everything about her soul. Walker is haunting; the rawness of her emotions is so physical, you cannot help but clutch your chest.  Her upcoming album should be out in October, so in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy Last Day of Summer and her EP CLEAR. Here are the must-listen tracks from Last Day of Summer:

  • “Karma”
  • “Deep”
  • “I’m There”


More music here:

Tell me what you think!






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