Social Media – Partnership Announcement – PR:   

Similarly, this announcement will help inform your followers but instead of it being in-house, you will be pushing people to the PR article. Which is great–presenting how your company is in a PR article will help with the legitimacy of the announcement. Below is a formula and example for partnership announcement posts: Formula {Insert one-liner; eye-catching}    […]

High expectations

I ask too much from peoplewho don’t know to love themselves.It all starts with a request: mutual respect.I erect my boundaries,I pray they stand against the moon and tide,I know it won’t last—nothing human madewill every last underneath the might of God. But still, I wish, I pray, I daydream of better daysfilled with fields […]

Social Media – Partnership Announcements (In-House):   

What’s a better way to show how your business is growing than announcing a partnership? This exciting news will not only be a great way to present to your customers that your company is making advantageous moves to grow but will inspire your employees. Below is a formula and example for partnership announcements: Formula {Insert one-liner; […]

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