New Year, New Goals  

As I reflect on this new year, I cannot help but be grateful for all the experiences and challenges that got me here. Feeling rejuvenated from the holiday weekend, I am actually struggling to think of concrete goals for myself.  I have come a long way, and I am so grateful! I want to start […]

Jupiter Love

Originally posted on Mecca-Amirah Jackson:
Jupiter Love i’ll call you Jupiter because you dominate the night sky with such ease. taking up space, like you always do, you dominate the night sky, every other planet fading in the background. basking underneath your glow, i’m humbled, human, as i stand beside you. there is no one…

New Cover for Night-Bloomer

The new cover for night-bloomer is here! I decided to change the cover for my favorite poetry collection. What are your thoughts?

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