Chapter four: The Arrogance of Kings

  Chapter Four – The Arrogance of Kings Torin Fey-Touched Passage was suitably named. Remnants of the First Race, the Fey, echoed from the surrounding structures. Decaying buildings hummed with life. Faint laughter could be heard from the crumbling houses, and the woods themselves are still too untamed and too ethereal to be solely made […]

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Tragedy sings me to sleep

Tragedy sings me to sleeps  – 1/7/2020 Tragedy sings me to sleep. not even a door,  a wall can smother the violence that brews so close to me. A messenger of peace, I’m met with the herolds of the harbinger of chaos;  i’m not prepared for this storm of rage. You call it love when […]

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i’ve forgotten

I’ve forgotten how to be soft, tender, and warm.I’m standing amid a snowstorm and it’s starting to feel like home.When did it begin? Was it with him? Taking something from me time and time again, I’m used to shivering in the cold. naked and defenseless, when’s the last time an embrace was offered, no guarantees […]

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