i crave a love so divine that when we part the clouds will weep”.

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moments with you were
like cherry blossoms in may.”

my body a magnet,
you pulled and i tried to stray.
you drew me closer and i could only obey.

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intimacy is more than just skin– it’s the emotional tides that can either hold you afloat or drown you in a sea of bliss…

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if this is not farewell then why does every touch leave me bereft?

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With Mecca-Amirah’s latest poetry collection Daydreamer, she invites her readers along on her journey to find clarity. Annotated by the ‘Daydreamer’, each of the seven chapters: Whimsy, Stargazer, Euphoria, Lost, Part II, Found, and Clarity are dedicated to the steps on how to reach self-fulfillment. A blend of raw honesty and fierce vulnerability, Mecca-Amirah demonstrates her growth as a writer with her visceral third project.

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