Weightless: The Complete Collection

Mecca-Amirah Jackson is a writer and blogger in New Jersey. She received her B.A in English Literature with a minor in Women & Gender Studies. She loves ancient history, mythology, flowers, fantasy novels, and dark chocolate. inflorescence is her first published poetry collection. In order to get a deeper look into her life, follow her blog: http://meccaamirahjackson.com


Jackson began her path to redemption with Weightless as she sought answers to reshape her destiny. Her efforts led her to Ascend, where the cathartic experience brought growing pains and challenges. The journey was filled with self-discovery and reconciliation but she did not falter–she flourished. Follow along with Mecca-Amirah’s experiences with Weightless: The Complete Collection.

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“why is that i grow resentful at the sound of the clock? i damn the hands of time but can’t catch my breath when my fate rewinds”

Mecca-Amirah Jackson