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Are objectives still relevant?
-I received Resume Building help while in college and I was informed that having an objective–a summary of who you are and what you can offer–is redundant because this will be reiterated in your cover letter.
-You should be able to “sell yourself” in your resume without need to utilize an objective
-Not having an objective saves you space!


Blogging/Social Media
-Social Media and especially blogging, is something you can brag about on your resume. Having a “presence” on the internet is something certain employers are looking for. Isn;t that cool? So if you have a lot of loyal followers on your blog or social media account and have mastered your site, fit this fact into your resume!
-On your resume and CV, add links to your blog, social media accounts, and professional accounts like LinkedIN.


Are you a team player?
-Even though some jobs require you to be independent, possessing the ability to collaborate  together to achieve a goal, is admirable.
-On your resume, throw in that summer job you had as a waitress or worked retail! Everyone knows how trying the restaurant and retail business is and if you can survive the challenges of customer service, an employer can recognize how dependable you can be.


People Skills
-A skill that is truly gold if you know how to work it, knowing how to talk to people, interact engage–every adjective you can think of–is what employers need.
-Think about it: Who are potential clients going to go to when they need something? The charismatic, friendly employee with great energy or the employee who clearly looks like they would rather be anywhere but at work?
-I do not know you can teach people skills but I recommend putting yourself in situations that force you to interact with people daily, especially face-to-face.




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