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Mecca-Amirah Jackson

Hi there! My name is Mecca-Amirah Jackson.

I started my career path like many others–unsure what I wanted to do. But I also knew that whatever I ended up doing, I would be passionate about it. It has been a rewarding journey and am glad to have this blog to relay my emotions and thoughts throughout it.


Marketing Coordinator – Social


Past Experiences

Product Marketing Coordinator – Social


Responsible for ALL social channels, scheduling timely posts, editing, creating content, uploading, researching trendy topics, accounts, hashtags. Drafting and executing social plans for accounts, measuring key metrics, and assessing the market for each of the target audiences. Set up and conduct interviews with experts in their field. Hosted a webinar with 500+ attendees. www.infobase.com/author/meccajacksonblog/

Regional Sales Manager
(2018 – 2020)
Develop and build relationships with clients via email, telephone, and webinars. Devise and execute strategies for evaluating and maximizing opportunities in my assigned territories…

Music Writer
(2016 – 2017)
Participate in monthly brainstorming, including researching and pitching at least three high priority topics, corresponding with clients, and interviewing artists via email and phone. Communicate weekly with editor, Music Director, and Editor-in-Chief and able to hand in assignments on time. Utilizes knowledge of SEO to promote the company. https://www.clichemag.com/author/mecca-amirah-jackson

Blogging Since 2015

I’ve had a WordPress site since 8/2015. You can scroll through my older work under “Archives”

  • I graduated cum laude with a BA in English Literature with a minor in Women & Gender Studies
  • I recieved my MBA with a Concentration in Digital Marketing
  • I have a certification in Social Media and Marketing, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Google Ads, and more.

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Published Articles

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Old Interviews and Music Reviews

Click here to check out my old interviews and music reviews  when I interned for Cliche Magazine: https://www.clichemag.com/author/mecca-amirah-jackson/