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Hi, my name is Mecca-Amirah Jackson and welcome to my blog!


I’ve had a WordPress site since 8/2015. You can scroll through my older work under “Archives”

  • I graduated cum laude with a BA in English Literature with a minor in Women & Gender Studies
  • I am currently pursuing my MBA with a Concentration in Digital Marketing
  • I have a certification in Social Media and Marketing

My writing

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I self-published five Poetry collections:

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Educational Articles 

I am the Product Marketing Coordinator for an Educational Publishing Company and will post information and some of my articles here:  

How Far We’ve Come: Reshaping Education Post COVID-19

Summer Reading Programs and Other Engaging Library Events

Internships, Apprenticeships, and Freelancing: Gaining Real-Life Experience Remotely

Old Interviews and Music Reviews

Click here to check out my old interviews and music reviews  when I interned for Cliche Magazine: https://www.clichemag.com/author/mecca-amirah-jackson/ 

I also have tabs for book-lovers!

Book Reviews, where I have the list of books I’ve reviewed

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Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!



“when i imagined you, i made you taller, broader, louder. i made you with wings, with hair to your waist, breasts round and soft. i made you me. i made you greater. i lost faith in your ability to please me, so instead i dreamed of me. —i dreamed of me

inflorescence is a poetry collection divided into six parts: seedling, blossom, drought, pruning, flourish, and rebirth.

It is the process of flowering. the process of becoming more.”

It is a collection of poems, a timeline from my childhood to now. It is honest, it is raw, and it is my life in verses and rhyme.



“it’s the night-bloomers that shine so brightly against the backdrop of black and swaths of mystique. wound with layers of sensuality and dark passions, it’s the ones who tempt the boundaries of blasphemy in exchange of one pure, unadulterated breath, that stain the earth with desolation and broken olive branches.” night-bloomer is a dark and lush poetry collection divided into seven chapters: new moon, crescent, waxing gibbous, full moon, wolf moon, waning, and full cycle. each poem bursting with vivid language and raw and honest emotions, Mecca-Amirah’s latest installment explores topics like relationships, betrayal, depression, and self-love.

Available on Amazon!


ebook cover

With Mecca-Amirah’s latest poetry collection Daydreamer, she invites her readers along on her journey to find clarity. Annotated by the ‘Daydreamer’, each of the seven chapters: Whimsy, Stargazer, Euphoria, Lost, Part II, Found, and Clarity are dedicated to the steps on how to reach self-fulfillment. A blend of raw honesty and fierce vulnerability, Mecca-Amirah demonstrates her growth as a writer with her visceral third project.

To purchase, click here!



Can we escape our fate? Or is destiny spun by a thread of three? Mecca-Amirah questions whether we can reshape our fate with her latest poetry collection Weightless. Centering her focus on the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, Jackson leaves her readers breathless with her exhilarating new project.

Click to Amazon

Please feel free to leave a comment! I will try to get back to them as quickly as I can ❤️

A book of hurting and healing, Mecca-Amirah returns with Ascend, the follow-up project to Weightless. Jackson continues her path to redemption as she explores topics like accountability and maturity. Ascend is a cathartic experience of facing your demons with visceral prose and unembellished poetry. Join Mecca-Amirah on her path to redemption..


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