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Mecca-Amirah Jackson | MBA with a Concentration in Digital Marketing | BA in English Literature | Social Media

How-to Self-Publish

Interested in learning how-to self-publish? Here I list some helpful tips and resources that can help you navigate this new chapters (haha) in your life.

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I miss you, I miss you 

I miss you, I miss you.I will sing this woefully song in the threes, in iambic pentameter,anything to prove how much you mean to me. I miss you, I miss you.I miss the sting of your dismissal.The disinterest in your eyes.I want to earn your love,I’ll do anything to please you.I’ll get on my knees […]


debt- collector, debt- collector. She goes by many names but  I simply call her mom. Rent is due, and she’s banging on my door, screaming  that I can’t live for free. It’s not fair, she says. That the life she carved out for me is weighed down by dues and debts. The universe between my […]

Social Media – Awards 

Awards are a great way to help sustain and build your brand’s reputation. Sharing the good news internally and externally will strike pride in employees’ hearts and encourage customers, prospective customers, and partners that your award-winning company is the one to work with.  Below is a formula and example for awards: Formula {Insert one liner; usual […]