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Mecca-Amirah Jackson | MBA with a Concentration in Digital Marketing | BA in English Literature | Social Media

How-to Self-Publish

Interested in learning how-to self-publish? Here I list some helpful tips and resources that can help you navigate this new chapter (haha) in your life.

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LinkedIn Algorithm – Breakdown & Debate #2

We’re back to everyone’s favorite series, Breakdown & Debate. Cue the music ✨ Check out part 1 here where I discuss how frequency will affect the the performance of your posts. Now, we will look at the: Best vs. Worst Type of Posts It was the best of times versus the worst of times … […]


Phoenix i’m impenetrable;i’ve survived every hurt, every resounding pain,every unimaginable horror, and because of that,intact my foundation remains. what else can you do to methat has not been done before?i will survive it, like i survived you.i am a goddess now; i severed my cordto this world and now i am floating. drifting. timeless. i’m […]

cyan blue waves,

cyan blue waves, green sand plush like foam, aphrodite rose from the surf sequined in golden rays…