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Mecca-Amirah Jackson | MBA with a Concentration in Digital Marketing | BA in English Literature | Social Media

How-to Self-Publish

Interested in learning how-to self-publish? Here I list some helpful tips and resources that can help you navigate this new chapter (haha) in your life.

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trapped in the vines, i am trapped in the poolof his eyes. i swam beneath the surfaceand drank from the edge. it is like waterfallssplashing me across the face; neck thrown back,i wanted to consume everything. i wanted the black waterto overwhelm me, trap me in a prison of my own design.i once fabricated insensitive…

Social Media Audit – Basics #2

Welcome to your Social Media Audit. To the left, you’ll see long, extensive hours of reviewing data, and to your right, there’s a depressing snapshot of your budget. So buckle up, and let’s start with Step #1: Listing your accounts. Yes, a very easy first step, but it’s also critical. Social Media Audit – Basics #1…

Every Time

every time i fall back in lovewith myself, i find myself more reluctant to share myself with others.