Weightless – New Cover

Weightless – New Cover

The new cover for Weightless: The Complete Collection is here! I have been going back-and-forth on deciding whether to update the covers and I am glad that I did. If you are interested in learning how to self-publish, here are some tips and resources I use You can purchase my book here:

Everything you’ve prayed for

Everything you’ve prayed for takes times✨ Life is not singular—there is not one right path; there will be pitfalls and obstacles but don’t falter—charge on!  At times, we’ve been led astray and been victims of vice and temptation. But instead of being angry—at the world and yourself—reflect, and remember that every choice, every decision, is [...]

Jupiter Love

Jupiter Love i'll call you Jupiter because you dominate the night sky with such ease. taking up space, like you always do, you dominate the night sky, every other planet fading in the background. basking underneath your glow, i'm humbled, human, as i stand beside you. there is no one for me, beside  you. what [...]