Formulas x Examples

Type Topical Day 
Description Topical Day/Social Media Holiday:  are timely and help companies promote their interest, start conversations on certain topics, and drive engagement. These posts can be more light-hearted and fun.  
Formula {Can Insert Quote/Phrase}  {Eye-Catching One-Liner}  {A short blurb about the holiday; why it’s relevant; why people should celebrate it; well wishes}  {Include a line that encourages followers to engage; conversation starter}  #relevant hashtags for topical holiday  
Example “Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I’ll rise.” – Maya Angelou  It’s World Poetry Day! 📝  Today we celebrate the power of poetry in its many forms – like haikus, limericks, sonnets, and ballads.  What is your favorite poem? Share it below👇  

Type Employee-Focused 
Description Employee-focused posts are a great way to drive engagement both internally and externally. Social Media has been an advantageous way for companies to promote their employees, which can help with clients, future prospects, and retaining employees. Pictures of happy employees, employees’ accomplishments, etc. will present a unified front on your social media channel.    
Formula {Eye-Catching One-Liner}  {Insert information about the event; accomplishments; spotlight information}  {Include a line that encourages followers to engage; conversation starter}  {Insert CTA} /{Insert link}  #relevant hashtags that are employee-engagement focused 
Example Happy Friday 😀👋    We snapped some awesome pictures of our employees from the Chicago office. Highlights include Monica Czekaj presenting Pradnya Gophane and chetan kerhalkar their awards 🏆 and Fernanda Reis Turci visiting from Brazil 🌎    #LifeatFD #fun #friday #companyculture 

Type Sharing PR Blog   
Description These posts are timely and a great way to position your company as a thought leader in the industry.  Internally, it is important for employees to see their company’s stance on various trending topics and how it decides to lead the conversation.    
Formula [Insert Quote]   {Inset Name of Author} {Insert Title} share their views with {Insert publication} on {insert topic}   Here, {Insert Name of Author} discusses {insert 1-3 topics of discussion}   {Insert CTA} /{Insert link}   #Relevant Hashtag to the topics 
Example “Having an inclusive, collaborative culture and focusing efforts on improving every employee’s experience helps in ensuring success while creating an environment of equal opportunities.”    Bensely Zachariah, VP of HR, shares his views with Peoplematters on managing a multi-generational workforce in the #hybridwork era.    Companies are faced with a unique experience as they struggle to meet the needs of their multi-generational workers. Here, Bensely offers advice on meeting the diverse needs of each generation to ensure a #collaborative and successful working environment.    #hr #workculture #genz #culture 

Type PR Blog x Recruitment 
Description Blog content can be versatile, and you can use it for other purposes–like recruitment. Recruitment can be obvious with “we’re hiring” posts but why not try subtlety adding it into your post? Especially when the post is promoting how well the company is performing.   
Formula [Insert Quote]   {Inset Name of Author} {Insert Title} share their views with {Insert publication} on {insert topic}   Here, {Insert Name of Author} discusses {insert 1-3 topics of discussion}   {Insert line promoting recruitment opportunities}   {Insert CTA} /{Insert link}   #Relevant Hashtag to the topics 
Example “We firmly believe that India is a key growth market for Fulcrum Digital. We plan on growing our business here as well as scaling up our workforce base.”    Founder and Chairman Rajesh Sinha of Fulcrum Digital Inc shares his plans for #hiring in India with The Free Press Journal Newspaper.    Here he spotlights the company’s focus on #leadership expansion, the growth of the Pods structure, as well identifying the new demands for the #digitaltalent and technology capabilities in the evolving market 📈    Are you looking to transform the digital world? 😁 Head over to our careers page to apply 👉    #growwithus #JoinFD #careers #india #hiringnow 
Type Blog (In-House) 
Description Blogs are one of the many forms of content needed to drive engagement on your company’s website and social media platforms. They can also be a helpful tool to position your company’s thoughts on trending topics. It’s also important to remember – try to draw/engage readers! 
Formula {Introduce blog topic and any contributors}   Here {Insert Author Name}, our {Insert Title} discuss {highlight 1-3 relevant points}   {Insert CTA} /{Insert link}   #Insert relevant hashtags 
Example We partnered with SortSpoke, the computer software company, to tackle the importance of #automateddataextraction with a human touch 💻 ✋  Here Kalyanaraman Gopalakrishnan, our VP of Insurance, and Sortpoke spotlight the rising need for #dataextraction in the #insuranceindustry. They also discuss how it can empower your operations team to work with fewer errors and faster turnaround time using #automateddataextraction capabilities for greater #productivity.  👉  #FulcrumInsuranceServices #AI #insuretech #insurancetrends 
Type Case Study 
Description Similarly to blogs, case studies are content that help drive people to sites and social platforms, but case studies are a great way to demonstrate how well your company assists its customers. Numbers and facts are important to promote!  
Formula {Insert One-line about the case study, include an important stat}   {List some data/facts}   In this case study, we highlight how we helped our customers {list 1-3 topics}  {Insert CTA} /{Insert link}   #Relevant Hashtags 
Example #CaseStudy: Discover how our client is swimming 🏊‍♀️ more freely with 60% cost savings with FulcrumOne.    👏60% Reduced Manual Effort  👏60% Reduction in Overall Costs  👏134 Hours Saved    In this case study, we highlight how we helped our client increase their customer satisfaction by building an online booking platform that listed their business hours, #onlinepayments, attendance records for their swimming lessons, and more.    👉    #casestudies #costsavings #customerexperience 
Type Webinar Announcement 
Description So you want to start a webinar, what’s next? Promoting your upcoming webinar is essential to promote on social media. You need to list dates, times, instructions, topics, and even presenters to viewers so they receive a full scope of what they are signing up for. 
Formula {Insert one liner; relevant to the webinar topic}   On {include day of the week}, {include Month and Date} at {include time of date and time zone}, join us for our upcoming webinar with {insert partner, company, person}.   Here, we will be discussing crucial industry topics like:  {include 1-3 topics}   Register today: {Insert link}   Speakers: {include speakers name, titles, company}   #Relevant Hashtags 
Example Don’t wait to start tackling your data lineage project! 🛑    On Wednesday, Apr 6, at 11:00 AM EST, join us for our upcoming #webinar with our partner Global IDs. Here will be discussing crucial industry topics like:    📈Understanding your data to prevent future errors & risks  🤝 The importance of upholding customer trust and brand value    Register today:    🎙️Speakers:  Conleth Cunningham – VP of Financial Services at Fulcrum Digital  Dr. Arka Mukherjee – CEO at Global IDs    #financialservices #ai #dataprivacy #datalineage 
Type Webinar Reminder 
Description Just as important as the announcement is the webinar reminder! Try to send out reminders (1-2) a week in advance to the webinar date. Make sure to repeat relevant information. 
Formula {Insert one liner}   {Include information about the webinar; relevant topics}   {include 1-3 topics}   Register today: {Insert link}   Speakers: {include speakers name, titles, company}   #Relevant Hashtags 
Example #WebinarWednesday 📣    There is still time to register for our #webinar with partner Global IDs!    During this live session, you will learn innovative strategies to better understand your data, the advantages of starting your #datalinerage project, and how it will lead to making better financial decisions for #FinancialLiteracyMonth 💰    👉 Register today:    🎙️Speakers:  Conleth Cunningham – VP of Financial Services at Fulcrum Digital  Dr. Arka Mukherjee – CEO at Global IDs    #financialservices #ai #dataprivacy #webinaralert 
Type Recruitment 
Description A great way to promote your company is through recruitment posts. Future candidates are looking at company’s social media platforms to see if they are following up with their initiatives and presenting their employees. It’s also another channel to amplify when running a recruitment campaign. 
Formula {Insert one liner; if you a theme, try to utilize it in the copy}   At {insert company name}, {insert information about the company, positioning why you are the ideal company to work for; your stance on employee satisfaction; your company’s mission statement}   {Insert open positions; list the region/country if applicable}  {Insert CTA} /{Insert link}   #Relevant Hashtags 
Example #GrowWithUs 🌱    At Fulcrum Digital, we are dedicated to fostering the #growth of our global employees as we strive to positively impact our customers’ lives and digitally transform their business.    Head over to our career site to check our the #openroles in #India and the #US:    BizOps Engineer – India  Technical Business Analyst-Payments – India  Senior Microsoft Azure Developer – India  Senior .Net Developer – India  Data Engineer – India  Principal BizOps – USA  Senior .Net Full Stack Developer – USA    Are you ready to #JoinFD? 😀  👉    #werehiring #digitaltransformation #techjobs #hiring    
Type Event 
Description Events are perfect for networking! And we want to make sure your sales reps already have a queue of meetings before they set up their booth. Promoting on social media will let key prospects and customers know you will be attending, which booth, and which rep will be there. Make sure to include a link of the reps Calendly or meeting information. Also, events use specific hashtags and tags–so do some research to help get as much exposure as you can. 
Formula {Insert one-liner; include name of event}   {Insert information about where the event we hosted, topics that you will be interested in discussed, networking with}   {Talk up the event; position it as the event for your industry}   {Insert CTA} /{Insert link}    #Insert Relevant Hashtags 
Example Next stop, FinnovateSpring 2022 ✈️    We’re heading to San Francisco for FinnovateSpring 2022, the destination for #networking opportunities and discussions on the latest #fintechnews. During this conference, key influencers in the #fintech community will tackle important topics like exploring how the startup ecosystem has transformed in our post-pandemic world.    You can read more about the event here:    Finovate  Matt Brennan    #FinnovateSpring2022 #FINOVATE  #fintechevent 
Type Event Reminder 
Description Similarly to webinar reminders, it’s important to give yourself enough to reshare, promote, and remind your followers of the event. Make sure to reshare all relevant information. 
Formula {Insert one liner; include event name; include how many days/weeks away}   {Include information about the event; the booth #; why your company is interested in the event}   {Include a list of services, products customers should as about}  {Insert a link}   {Insert relevant hashtags} 
Example UCISA 2022 is a week away!    Stop by booth #84 📍 to speak with our #highereducation experts about how Fulcrum Digital is using the latest technology and higher education best practices to enhance the #studentexperience.    Ask us about our best-in-class services:    💻Digital Consultancy  🛠End-to-End IT Services  🌐Development Accelerator Platform    Learn more about our Higher Education services here:    #ucisa22 #highered #edtech #digitaltransformation 
Type Awards 
Description Awards are a great way to help sustain and build your brand’s reputation. Sharing the good news internally and externally will strike pride in employees’ hearts and encourage customers, prospective customers, and partners that your award-winning company is the one to work with.  
Formula {Insert one liner; usual one liners include “Great News”}    {Insert your company’s name; the name of the award; who is presenting the award}    {If applicable, add a line of the specific category}    {Insert information about the award; details about the voting process; the number of applicants}    [{Insert a closing line; “Great job team!”; “Congrats to {insert Award Winner Name}]    #Most of the time, awards have relevant hashtags for the company or award 
Example Exciting news, Fulcrum Digital is a Silver Stevie Winner 2022 for The American Business Awards 🏆 Our category was “Most Innovative Company of the Year”!    Three Cheers to our employees, customers, and partners! 🎉    Rajesh Sinha Dhana Kumarasamy The Stevie® Awards   #AmericanBusinessAwards #SilverStevie #Winner #Awards #Innovative 
Type Partnership Announcements (In-House):   
Description What’s a better way to show how your business is growing than announcing a partnership? This exciting news will not only be a great way to present to your customers that your company is making advantageous moves to grow but will inspire your employees. 
Formula {Insert one-liner; eye-catching}    We’ve partnered with {insert partners name/company} {insert why you decided to partner with this company – advantages to this partnership; what can customers look forward to with these changes?}   You can read more about the announcement here: {insert link}    #Relevant Hashtags 
Example New Partnership Alert🤝   We’ve partnered with Global IDs to help support their mission to deliver solutions to empower “data-centric” organizations. We are looking forward to working with the software company to help enhance the customer experience through unique and innovative strategies.   You can read more about the announcement here:   #partnership #datagovernance #enterprisedata #datamanagement #automation    
Type Partnership Announcement – PR:   
Description Similarly, this announcement will help inform your followers but instead of it being in-house, you will be pushing people to the PR article. Which is great–presenting how your company is in a PR article will help with the legitimacy of the announcement. 
Formula {Insert one-liner; eye-catching}    We’ve partnered with {insert partners name/company} {insert why you decided to partner with this company – advantages to this partnership; what can customers look forward to with these changes?}    {If applicable, mention/tag the third-party source housing the PR article}    You can read more about the announcement here: {insert link}    #Relevant Hashtags 
Example Happy Tuesday! We have some exciting news to share 🥳  We’ve entered a partnership with Digia Plc Finland Ltd. Our team has big plans for 2022 and beyond, so collaborating with the Finnish software company as a strategic offshore partner will help us reach those goals.  Our CEO Dhana Kumarasamy shared his views on the #partnership with CXO Outlook®, stating, “We are proud to partner with Digia Finland Ltd. to bring our business consulting and technology capabilities to the fore.”  You can read more about the partnership here:…  #digitaltransformation #software #business #offshore