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Weightless – The Complete Collection

Weightless – The Complete Collection

Jackson began her path to redemption with Weightless as she sought answers to reshape her destiny. Her efforts led her to Ascend, where the cathartic experience brought growing pains and challenges. The journey was filled with self-discovery and reconciliation but she did not falter–she flourished. Follow along with Mecca-Amirah's experiences with Weightless: The Complete Collection. [...]

i may wander

i may wander to the fields, i may wander  to  his house, i may forget  to  bring my keys,  I may  let him break  my heart. i’ve been told to be cautious. i’ve been led astray for too long but my pride keeps me at bay. my progress is steady but it’s those moments when  [...]

i’m too trusting

family has a way of bringing  out a side of you, one so entrenched, hooked deep  inside, tearing flesh until there  is nothing to hide. a  gaping wound, hanging off the sides, oozing frothy mistakes  and diseases like gang green. i’m falling asleep, head tilting  off to the side, air pushing my hair  back  until [...]