Jupiter Love

Jupiter Love i'll call you Jupiter because you dominate the night sky with such ease. taking up space, like you always do, you dominate the night sky, every other planet fading in the background. basking underneath your glow, i'm humbled, human, as i stand beside you. there is no one for me, beside  you. what [...]


A KINGDOM ECLIPSED BY MOONLIGHT +I’ve been working on this novel for 5+ years–I will be posting chapters here–this is my original work, please do not copy or share it+ A Kingdom Eclipsed by MoonlightByMecca-Amirah Jackson Princess of Mycea, Anayissa struggles to brave her physically and emotionally abusive past in the most beautiful country in the Four [...]

a boy, in my bed

a boy, in my bed - 9/21/2020 i write this for you, who may be wondering why despite the hours settled  in the sheets of my bed, you left with nothing but the conversations we shared playing back in your head. you see, intimacy is more than skin–it’s the exchange of breath, the sighs, the [...]

night-bloomer & Ascend

night-bloomer & Ascend

night-bloomer night-bloomer is a dark and lush poetry collection divided into seven chapters: new moon, crescent, waxing gibbous, full moon, wolf moon, waning, and full cycle. each poem bursting with vivid language and raw and honest emotions, Mecca-Amirah's latest installment explores topics like relationships, betrayal, depression, and self-love.check out more of her work at: http://meccaamirahjackson.com [...]