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Social Media -Best Practices

Platform TOV 
LinkedIn Personable, Professional, Concise 
Facebook Shareable, Action-Orientated, Conversational 
Instagram Contextual, utilize hashtags, Short 
Twitter Short, Personable, Friendly 


Emojis in copy have grown increasingly popular and can be a handy/fun tool to promote your message and show a more light-hearted side of your business. Depending on the type of TOV you want to use {professional, conversational, serious, fun} emoji choices can be a great/bad idea depending on how you utilize them. 


Hashtags help followers find relevant/similar posts to specific topics. Depending on how you want to style your post, you can integrate the hashtags within the copy or at the bottom. You do not need to use many hashtags – 3-7 is ideal.  

👉 CTA: 

CTA or (Call-To-Action) helps followers understand the purpose of the post and can help facilitate what you need them to do. Standard CTA is: “Register Now” for a webinar, “Apply Now” for a job post, and “Read more” for a blog or case study. There will be times when CTAs are unnecessary, such as a topical or employee-focused post. 

📝 Style:  

Copy style for social media has transformed over the years and helps convey TOV. Some companies prefer short, one-liners. The copy may be spaced out when it comes to longer posts, so it looks more organized and easier to read. It all depends on preference, but it is always beneficial to remember that the point of the social copy is to make it an accessible and readable experience for your followers.  

📆 Scheduling:  

Save some time and schedule your posts! Facebook and Twitter do have options where you can schedule directly from the platforms but it there are social media marketing tools that will can help manage your social media calendar and more. Examples: Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Sendible, TweetDeck, and Buffer. 

🕐 Timing: 

Time is money $ and learning your followers’ preferences and behaviors can ensure that you are promoting your content at the right time. You can look at your social platforms analytical tools to see when your followers are most active or if you have social media tools, you can use them to get a better glance of your followers behaviors. 

📈 Metrics  

So, how well are you really performing? It’s is always important to set goals for your company’s social media – what are your metrics goals? Is it specific? I want ___ many followers by this date? Or is broad? I want to see an increase in engagement this year? Either way, it is important to track and measure your metrics to weigh your progress.  

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