Weightless PartI&II

Weightless PartI&II

Weightless Part I&II By, Mecca-Amirah Jackson Available now: https://amzn.to/3eDktZ7 Jackson began her path to redemption with Weightless as she sought answers to reshape her destiny. Her efforts led her to Ascend, where the cathartic experience brought growing pains and challenges. The journey was filled with self-discovery and reconciliation but she did not falter–she flourished. Follow along [...]

Catch Sum Z’s with the ZZ Plant — My House of Plants

ZZ Plant Zamia Zamifolia – Low Light Plant – Easy Care Indoor Plant – 1 Gallon Pot – Overall Height 13″ to 16″ – Tropical Plants of Florida (Plant + Indoor Soil) Images provided by Amazon The ZZ Plant Zamia Zamifolia – Low Light Plant – Easy Care Indoor Plant – 1 Gallon Pot – […]Catch [...]

How Plants Can Benefit Your Mental Health — My House of Plants

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Did you know that plants can help with your mental health? I created a poster highlighting information on the health and mental wellness benefits I discovered on Healthline, but what are your thoughts on plants and improving your mood? Plants & Mental Health Benefits For me, I cannot help but…How Plants [...]

Everything you’ve prayed for

Everything you’ve prayed for takes times✨ Life is not singular—there is not one right path; there will be pitfalls and obstacles but don’t falter—charge on!  At times, we’ve been led astray and been victims of vice and temptation. But instead of being angry—at the world and yourself—reflect, and remember that every choice, every decision, is [...]