Social Media Strategy

Mission Statement

A mission statement helps define your goals and the overall purpose of creating a social media platform.The days of creating a social media channel on a whim (especially for a company) is long over.


Goals are always important to establish when starting a new venture! Where do you see your social media channel in a month? Two? A year?

KPIs & Metrics

Here I highlight the importance of keeping track of your metrics for each of your social channels to see the overall effectives (or ineffectiveness) of your efforts. This will open the door to many opportunities –


When considering the purpose of you social media journey, it’s important to note that each platform caters to various audiences.

Storytelling & ToV

Social media storytelling allows you or your company to tell the story of our brand, products, and values to connect with our audience.


Once you understand whether your goal is brand awareness, leads, engagement, or submissions, you can start to plan your campaign.

Strategy Planning