Welcome to my Music page! I will utilize this space to talk about share some music. Leave comments/opinions/requests below!

My Playlists!

Music is veryyyy important to me and my writing process so I will be sharing my playlists with you all. For every mood, for every vibe, I have taken time to really develop each of my playlists.

Have fun listening!

chill playlist  🎶 click the link for music

A mix of mellow blends and beats, I have been leaning into a more alternative/R&B, indie-pop mood lately–especially when I write. With this mix, I wanted the peace that R&B brings me without the deep, raw emotions it can also evoke. But there is a slow, transcendent tone where you can get lost in the activity you are doing–whether it is writing, reading, yoga, relaxing…

vibe check playlist 🎶 click the link for music

Sometimes you just want to vibe and chill. Or something to bump to while you’re in your car for a long drive and not get drowned out by the feeeelz. I’m very particular about creating playlists for the exact mood I’m in. Am I a little OCD? (YES!) But heyyy aren’t we all? In this playlist, there is a stronger hip-hop/rap element than the chill playlist.

vibin/rockin playlist 🎶click the link for music

Did you know there was another form of vibing? My anxiety did. This playlist is a mix of cool verses and strong, hip-hop/rap elements and beats. Hip-hop/rap is constantly changing like all genres–noticeable changes being trap-rap and emo-rap. Trap will be featured in my workout mix and emo-rap will cry itself into in my feelz mix. I wanted a  collection of music where I can be in my room and write and take time out to dance a  little 🤷‍♀️ And I have created the answer.

Deep Chillin 🎶 click the link for music

I bet you didn’t think there was another form of vibing but suprise mf! But seriously, this is a playlist that is all about conscious-rap, the lyrics, the dark elements with the instrumental and beats, and the overall feeling of RAP (the gritty, the HARDness, the gangstaaaa). When it comes to rap, what really draws me to an artist is there voice/delivery! I loveee when it’s hard and gritty. And the lyricsssss; a special shout-out to Ab-soul because I feel a tenth smarter when I listen to him.

in my feelz   🎶 click the link for music

Is it 2am and you are in your feelz? Are you looking at your phone waiting for that text? Did that person you are crushing on leave you on read? Than look no further because your perfect playlist is here.  With this mix, I wanted to really focus on the lyrics. Did those lines strike you through the heart? Can you feel their love/guilt/agony? I wanted the music to speak for itself but the words itself bring another element.

slow/all the feelz  🎶 click the link for music

Were those feelz not enough? Are you feeling a little more romantic/ a little extra sad? Are the emotions you are feeling plaguing your mind and cannot seem to function unless you let it out? Well, here we can collectively cry with this playlist. I dipped into older 90’s and early 00’s R&B here and I am just transfixed by the slow, instrumentals, the sheer beauty of the artist’s voices, the imagery of their words, and how the world seems to pause when it gets to that one part. Here, we can either slow dance or cry…

workout mix/in my zone 🎶 click the link for music

This is my go-to playlist when I workout. I want to feel lost in my workouts and in the music so this is a collection of rap/hip-hop with strong elements of trap.


Artists I’m Listening to Now

I am always looking out for new artists (well, new to me) to listen to so here are some I’m slowly becoming obsessed with:

Baby Keem

Recent Album: DIE FOR MY BITCH


Music Video:


Recent EP: Want U Back

Fav Songs: Want U Back, Automatic, Open Wide

Music Video:


Album: Admissions

Fav Songs: Battlezone, Used To, Admissions

Music Video:


Album(s): Hoopdreams, F.R.A.N.K

Fav Songs: LazyEaterBetsonHerLikeness, SirLadyMakemFall, High Ceilings,

Music Video:

Kota the Friend

Album(s): Lyrics to Go, Vol. 1, Foto, Anything.

Fav Songs: Monday, Alkaline, Colorado, Sedona

Music Video:


EP: Chromatic 

Fav Songs: [wet paint],  Fade Out, Raining

Music Video:

Lili Kendall

Album: Love, Herself

Fav Songs: Third Degree Love Crimes, Lonely Empress, Space + Time

Music Video:

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