Book Review: The Bourbon Kings by J.R Ward

23355896The Bourbon Kings by J.R Ward



I am an advocate of J.R Ward and anything she writes.  As a fan of the famed Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I eagerly awaited the day of her first book in her new series The Bourbon Kings.

As soon as Lane was introduced in New York, I was honestly waiting for one of the characters to bump to some Luda or Lil Wayne and hear Butch’s Boston accent. But I was eager to start this book because I wanted to see how she writes outside of paranormal and I found myself both pleased and surprised.

Her writing is always impeccable; great language, character building, and keeping readers guessing and enthralled are her forte.

And we cannot forget the eye-candy.  Ms. Ward has the ability to create the most appealing, sexy, charismatic, charming, memorable characters who seem so real and relatable.

What I Liked About the Book:

-The South

Maybe it is because I am a Yankee who rarely leaves the hustle and bustle, but I loved how Ward centered the book in the South and went in depth with the traditions and culture. When I think of the South, I think of the soul food, football, sexy accents, cattle, and Gone with the Wind. So it was extremely pleasing to get a look inside the life of Southern royalty.


She is so tragically flawed! Where to start????! Gin the prime example that money and fame cannot buy you happiness. Her parents are extremely negligent and she is expected to live up to her family’s legacy by marrying into a good family. She finally does marry into “good stock” but along the way, she leaves a trail of broken hearts. Gin has loved Samuel her entire life and cannot find the words to tell him until it’s too late. Ward does go into detail into their toxic relationship and does reveal that Samuel is Amelia’s father.

I was at first frustrated with Gin, like dammit, just tell him already! By hiding her engagement, she dug herself into an early grave aka Richard.


The golden boy who becomes a crippled survivor. His story gave me a twisted throwback to V.C Andrews Seeds of yesterday, in regards to the golden boy aspect. In Andrew’s novel, Jory is the golden boy whose life is perfect(minus the incest), the apple of his parents eye,  successful, but because of a tragic event, becomes crippled and depressed, eventually attempting to commit suicide. Edward mirrors Jory is some ways, charismatic, handsome, successful and does experience a tragedy that cripples him. But instead of a stage malfunction, Edward is kidnapped and tortured! So Edward is left broken and depressed and involves himself with horse breeding and  drowning his sorrows in alcohol and prostitutes. Edward did start to become alive again towards the end and I hope he looks beyond his scars because his siblings are extremely hopeless without him.


What I did not like:


I am sorry, but I hate one of the main protagonist! Not once was I able to relate to her or even take her seriously. I am not trying to bash the character or disregard her importance in the novel, but I feel like her character could have been better developed. She is just so boring!

I have noticed people mentioning Ward redundant reference to Lizzie’s “natural beauty”, and I must confess it annoyed me as well. Maybe it is because I am a female but I found it sort of… insincere that was one of the key factors that Lane is attracted to her. Don’t get me wrong, Lizzie seems like a lovely and kind girl but why does her not wearing makeup (even though I doubt her lips are naturally rosy red) and her calloused hands have to be a major factor? It ruined the credibility for me. Natural beauty is important but self-confidence is sexier in my opinion.

The Relationship:

Lizzie and Lane’s relationship does not make sense to me. Like okay, I get it he is Channing Tatum’s rich Kentucky-bred twin but other than that, what made their love so AMAZING after a three month duration? Or maybe I am being too picky but I found that odd.

I am trying to wrap my head around it, bare with me. So sexy, rich bachelor one day decides that the unassuming, naturally beautiful, gardener is the ONE?

Or maybe it is because I am a little bitter, but I was not buying it. I bet the sex was hot but how do two people form this soul-searching love over a few hookups? Like I said, I am bitter so ignore me if you believe in soul mates.

Also, this relationship is suppose to be the center of the novel, compared to Gin and Samuel’s fiery shit storm of a relationship, it did not get me hooked. Maybe it is because I have a undeveloped dislike for Lane or my previous hesitation of their relationship but I found the romance lacking. (Can’t believe I’m saying this) But even that weird Edward and Sutton hook up was hotter!


Anyway, I did love this book! The crime and mystery aspect of the book kept me on my toes, the characters are so deliciously fucked up, and I cannot wait until the next book!

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