Passing Thoughts in Amsterdam

I love how everything is by the water,
The buildings are packed in tight
And the air is blanketed by hues of gray.
Boats docked by the pier
Cheering as the captain calls for a round of beer-Heinken tours,

Clink, Clink!

Tourist stroll by,
Maps out and eyes far away,
Taking pictures that will impress
And trying to blend in,
Chameleons of the Streets,
Changing their stripes to join the pride.

Amsterdam, oh, Amsterdam,
I wonder when you will sleep,
As I watch the smudged skies
And the lies etched in her tired eyes,
Black with regret and determination.
As the sun sets
And the moon blesses the night sky,
Dutch boys and Dutch girls,
Blonde hair brassy and full,
Waving slightly in greeting,
As their bikes ring by.
Tall and slender,
A cool and blasé exterior
Slender feet outfitted in high-tops
And the governments binding chains
Brazenly brandished.

Ring, Ring!

Amsterdam is where I come to stand out,
A gentle black sheep in a city of white lies.
The city of sin, criminals
That go by another name,
Are embraced with open arms
And those who are pure of heart
And religious to a fault
Are mocked and jeered.

Cawfee shops and non-jersey bagels
Line the streets
A pale imitation
A city famed for its blasé attitude
Grasping for straws.

Clink, Clink!


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