Passing Thoughts on the Subway

Life consits of many disappointments,
Where they be trivial or dire,
One must concede to obstacles that may seem daunting and indomitable,
But whether your proceed or excel depends on ones drive.

Drive is what gets you out of bed in the morning, the fatigue of the day before clouding your eyes and weighing you down is your enemy, so you must rebel by being driven.

Oh, we all have dealt with the Monday morning blues, Garfield’s orange face in mind, we grimace as we slug through our monotonous day with a prominent grimace displayed proudly on our face. But who says we must be disgruntled? Why do we advertise laziness as a sign of wealth and progress.

If you are ambitious you are labeled as a:workaholic, shark, busy-body, teacher’s pet, greedy.

Do not fear you are alone or defected for having realistic dreams. The ones who succeed are the ones who write the history books, advertise mainstream ideas, and are the ones making the mulaaaaaa. So to the people of the subway, dully facing the window, letting the world blur by as you listen to the new Coldplay or Madonna, remember there are people out there ready to take the chances you have wasted while you sulked about the Monday blues.

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