I promise you.

I promise you

that you deserve more–

always and forever–

never settle for less

because you are worth it.

Never let another

make you doubt your self-worth–

those insidious words

worming its way past your feeble defenses–

they will destroy you–

because you let them.

But if you keep that wall tall and strong–

strong with perseverance, friends

who always support you–

family that encourages you to try new things–

all of that love and acceptance,

will keep the evil away.

I promise you

that change and self-love is tangible

sometimes it is as easy as looking in the mirror

and telling your reflection,

“I love you, for all of your faults

and all your imperfections.

God made all of us in his image–

so we are all beautiful,

you are just lucky enough to realize

it before anyone else.”

Until you can love yourself

and all of your scars and imperfections,

it will be a difficult and cumbersome

to find another to love you.

Everyone despises the thought of being alone–

desperate for the comfort of flesh and warmth–

but do not haste

or you will choose the wrong one–

the one who is selfish and corrosive

the one with a bright smile and dead eyes–

they will be the one who is your undoing–

the bump in the road that you never saw coming…

But trust me, you will get through it,

I promise you.

There are 7 billion people in this world,
Your soul-mate is out there,
Waiting for you to believe in yourself.

So toss the phone in the ocean,
Embrace the consistency of the waves,
Let the soothing smell of brine and
Salt, detox him/her from your mind.

You are beautiful,
Don’t you know it?

The road to acceptance and love

will be difficult

but if you carry yourself with confidence

and you chin high,

you can overcome any obstacle,

I promise you.

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