Before the Stars

Space-Wallpaper-Tumblr-Picture-A21A spiraling nebula, unfurling, blooming magentas and daunting cyans-
A tale of intergalactic passion, lusty voyages, rugged advances,
Star-crossed loves; before the stars, a green girl with
A brush of stardust in her eyes
And lies, fragrant and heavy on each and every taste bud.
Lies were her weapon, naivety her choice of drug-
Passionless murmurs,
A calamitous catastrophe of wondrous inconvenience,
A lovely girl, fragrant with daydreams and twilight prayers
And wrapped in a quilt of dark blue nightmares, a stellifiorous night.
The stars led her to peril and the dwarves led her adrift– broken and abandoned before the mighty suns–

 in the eye of a black hole, she knew no other, knew no pain, knew no worries–weightless as she lingers in the complexity of space–

She inspired many as she conquered-before  the visage of a million suns.

Before the stars, was a blue boy dressed in the rags of death, green blood splattered across his elongated, angular face, an intricate language buzzing in his ears, his sobs silent in the silence of space, the stars his audience to his demise–

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