They Steal My Breathe

tumblr_m2kj31xGKk1qhttpto4_1280I dance with no music,
My body sways with one purpose.
I follow the path never taken,
Trip over seashells and cadavers,
My toe bumping into knifes
And cutting myself on discarded glass.
The wind accompanies me as I waver,
Tickling my nude flesh and whistling in my ear.
A sprite leads the way now as the air becomes thin and sky dark, absent of radiant light,
A cute little being made of light and things
Smiles, teeth all dagger like.
Many others join now,
Tearing at my flesh, sinking into my skin,
Sucking my blood, and stomping my toes,
A green monster with wise eyes
Tilts my head
And forces a plump fruit down my throat,
Juices running down my cheek,
My tongue sticky and orange after the difficult feat.
I laugh with no humor as I’m led astray,
The Stars leading me to peril
As the small ones eat at my flesh.
We finally stop before the ocean,
The cold, unfeeling waves, licking up my calves,
Cleaning the sticky juices from my cheeks.
I cry as the water creeps closer,
The small things laugh as I squirm,
My nude body white before the mocking moon, my heart cold and craving more juice.
A man stands up from the water, his body dry and his hair long,
His eyes are as wise as the green monster
But more ancient, more ancient than an army of cute sprites.
He grabs my hands, sticky with more juices-
I almost snatch it back, wanting more juices-oh juices!
But I follow him instead, tripping on stray algae and petting a small fish.
We submerge in the water and the zesty smell of juices goes along with the last air bubble that steals my breathe.

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