every Full Moon night

I feel like I can make this a very interesting story…..


2681077084_8925568e7dAt the ripe age of thirteen, Princess Melanie was lured into the forest by the Fey; long-armed and beautiful, trimmed with silver linings and dressed in raw, clinging silks. They barked with laughter as the led her astray, Melanie’s feet skipping to a childlike beat, nursery in theory, elementary in practice as she was led away by a being of grotesque proportions–as if twisted by the Hands of God; a being of light tainted by darkness. Thankfully, we never saw the Princess again, yet we sometimes caught her shade chasing will-o-sips at the blue-tinged time of dusk. Though we prayed each night and sacrificed many black sheep in the name of the Fey, we hoped our bargain with the Good Folk would stay strong and true.

Yet we only hear booming, haunting laughter
each and every Full Moon night…




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