Lady Midnight Review

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

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Why does Clare make us wait years for a book and it is not as awesome as Jace and Clary’s storyline? Or even Will and Tessa’s?

Two seconds into the book and I already know how it’s going to go down: Emma and Julian, two hormonal, beautiful teenagers who are paraboti and omgggg they can’t marry each other, what’s going to happen? Exactly what you are thinking.

At least with Clary and Jace it was slow building and natural. A chapter in, it is obvious that Emma is in L-O-V-E with Julian and she cannot function without him. Sighh. Julian is boring–okay, I said it. Like I get it, he had to grow up too fast to take care of his brothers and sister, but he is just so dull it is annoying to read his POV. And I kind of liked Emma, she is consumed with finding her parent’s killer and she has some depth but she is not as strong of a protagonist than I would have hoped. I actually like Cristina better than her; Cristina has a past but she does not let it waver her judgments.

Also, I like how Clare incorporates all types of relationships–straight, gay, lesbian–but I felt with the new “relationship”, it was random and convient. Like “No way, your boyfriend who you are not suppose to have can help us.” Just another Magnus who breaks his back for the ungrateful Shadowhunters but he is okay with it because he has a cute blue-eyed boyfriend!

Overall, I can wait for the next book.2-gold-stars-three-plain-5905

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