The Star-Touched Queen Review

The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi


Goodreads Review


25203675Do not hate me but I am not of one the probably millions of people who loved this book. I have my reasons so bear with me.

I did like this book; I loved the mythology element to the book and Chokshi is so imaginative. This is a one-of-a-kind book and if you want to set off on a journey of different worlds and star-crossed loves, this is the book for you.


-Sounds impossible, right?

The main reason why I did I LOVE/HATE this book was because of the language. Chokshi’s writing is rich with descriptive language, sensory, every element that I can think of, this book will get the Most Beautiful Writing Award–if there is actually one. We experience these fantastical worlds through Maya’s eyes; we experience new colors, tastes, sights, extraordinary and impossible feats as we travel through this mythological world.

But as much as I loved how awesome the writing was, it was  kind of redundant and distracting after a while. Yes, it is important to world build especially in a fantasy novel but OMG not everything needs to be personified. I feel like every tree, breeze, rock, whatever, was tooled with personification aka human traits. Some may prefer that style of writing–wanting the world to come alive–but it distracted me. At some points, I was too focused on how awesome something looked and almost missed the plot.

I know this sounds ridiculous to some people but this made it difficult for me to read.


-I know, I know, I am a jerk.

Amar bored me to tears, there I said it. He is suppose to be this powerful figure in the book, probably thousands of years old and he acts like a teenager boy. I get it, its a YA novel but I doubt 1000000 year old gods act like this–not that I have met one… yet. I get it, there are suppose to be star-crossed loves and he waited for her reincarnation but it just seemed to unbelievable to me. Just another Edward Cullen who is wayyyyyy too old to be falling in love with a teenage girl.


Overall, I did like this book and do recommend it. 3 stars ecMopekcn



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