Allegiance of Honor Review

Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh


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5 stars Duhhhhhh 5 Star Rating

UK_Allegiance of Honour.jpgEverything written by Ms. Singh is absolute gold and Allegiance of Honor is no exception. Everything that I wanted to happen in this book happened and it was amazing to be introduced to new and old lovable characters. It is amazing how Singh can switch the various characters voice’s effectively and do it so smoothly.

There are times of heartbreak but plenty heartwarming, lighthearted scenes that had me tearing up.

The plot of the novel revolves around the two threats to the changelings: the attention Naya receives as the first Psy-changeling child and the search for a kidnapped BlackSea changeling, but there are peeks and slices of various other characters life that balances out the serious tone.

This is surprising for me to admit but I love how slow-pace the novel is and how Singh takes time to explain certain things. I normally get impatient if the novel takes too long for the plot to arrive but I feel like with this type of novel, it was necessary. It would be impossible to rush this type of book that intertwines so many interesting and lovable characters–they all want their voices heard (especially Drew’s haha) I sometimes get confused with the tech-stuff and the dynamics of the Psy so it was refreshing for me to relearn and get some education on it. And I am happy I did not bet about the pub cubs because I would have lost miserably:(



This is set post-Trinity Accord and each race is struggling to accept and trust each other.We get to see the Arrows learning how to adjust in the post-Trinity Accord lifestyle and it absolutely heartbreaking to watch the adults, who have never felt the loving touch of a parent, try to make sure the Arrow children have a happy childhood. The wolves and leopards have faced numerous obstacles together so their bound was not troubled but it was important to see how the humans and the Forgotten also played a big role in the novel.


This entire novel made my biological clock tick! Dorian melting when Keenan calls him “Dad”, Riley going crazy than all mushy when the pucubs finally came, and do not even get me started with the ADORABLE scenes with Sascha and Lucas! So beautiful– the first couple that teleported us and made us fall in love with this series is in the majority of the book so we get to see the first time parents absolutely shower their cub Naya with love. Their love and experiences just seemed so real to me and because I love this series and feel like one of the pack (haha) I was just as angry at the threat of Naya’s kidnapping and screamed “Hell yeah!” when Sascha got badass and went E on the mecernaries. I knew that it hurt her to use her powers harming people but to protect her cub, she was willing to do anything–which is what any parent would do. I also like the interracial element of the novel–how Naya being apart of two races is a breakaway for the future. Also, Lucas going all Daddy is just too much to handle!

I was never a fan of Nikita until Sascha later introduces her daughter and I realized that despite Nikita be a cold-hearted *insert curse word* she loves her daughter and would do about anything for Sascha and now Naya. I can respect a ruthless mother protecting her child.


Also, I NEED to know what is up with Nikita and Anthony! That scene with Nikita hurting and Anthony being all “I got you”– *faints* I just have to know.


What really reeled me into this series will always be Judd <3. Caressed by Ice is probably my favorite because I am determined to be Mrs. Lauren in the near future, so I was estatic that Judd and Brenna’s story was heavily woven in. Like the other Psy who have found love and broken away from Silence, Aden, Vasic, Kaleb, it literally makes me want to cry with happiness that despite their loveless upbringings, they have adapted, grown, and learned to be a functional part of their pack’s and family.


There are also sad, frustrating parts of the novel–
the kidnapping of the marine biologist from BlackSea allows us into Miana’s mind as we travel to the underwater city of Lantia. Ever since the water changelings were first mentioned–I was hooked. They just seem so exotic, fascinating, truly different–so I was glad that we were able to get into the Alpha’s head despite the dire circumstances.
The devastation of the ocelot pack SkyElm still shocks me. I feel like with this series, we have rarely seen any evilness in the changeling race, save that jerk who tricked Brenna and gave her to Santano, so I guess it was necessary to see how even the changelings can have such deep-seated corruption.

Overall, this novel was just perfect! Singh could write a book for each indiduval character in this novel and I would still read the 93rd book. I hope she writes books for Silver(I realllllyyyy hope she is mated with Remy) and various favorites but I know she will be releasing some novellas soon, so my thirst for her writing will be momentarily quenched.

Read this book if you want to cry/scream/laugh/dance ❤


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