Holland Pics

I went to Holland last year and never posted any pictures on here 😦

It was a short-term study abroad I did through my school–we went to different schools, took classes at a university, danced with the dutch, ate awesome food, braved the rain, went to museums, and meet some cool people! Amsterdam was beautiful, my legs still hurt from biking everywhere but it was an amazing experience!

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

8 thoughts on “Holland Pics

    1. It was 🙂 At the time, I was studying for Education and I hope so–the country is beautiful. And OMG China–I would love to visit there one day and that’s awesome, I want to go to graduate school and I should look at international options

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      1. Awesome! China was amazing – I’d definitely recommend it if you’re considering studying abroad or travel, I did just one year there but am planning to go back because it was so great, plus there are LOADS of scholarships available for international students 🙂 There’s so many sights to see, so much amazing food to eat, and the education quality (at least at HIT where I was) seems pretty comparable to the UK.

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