She awoke in a forest glen, the sun bright and curious on her face. The treetops swayed above her, stray leaves detaching, dancing, spiraling as they lie around her. A bird sings from above, the song heavenly, completely devoid of sins and shame. The girl sits up, entranced by a noise, startling and sudden. The bird is accompanied by another, a chorus to the girl’s demise as she shakes with fear. A cloud passes by the sun, a moment of darkness shades her, perilously blinding her from the threat. Fear takes hold, a type of paralysis that robs her breathe, her bodying locking down as panic strikes, her eyes flutter in whimsical defeat.

He comes to a scene that reminds him of a daydream dressed like a nightmare. A fool’s tale, a jester’s jibe, he cannot imagine his luck as he comes across a girl lying within the foliage. Dressed in brown earth, coated in dewy-wet leaves, and her face upturnt as he presses a domineering kiss on her glossy lips. When she did not awaken, for the threat had taken her ensanred, enamored with her stillness, the girl succumbed to a endless sleep that eventually saved her from a fate foretold in a forest similar to this one.

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