Hungry for Lies


at my limit
i am close to the boiling point. Left to simmer
while they go out and play, my mind forcibly wanders
as my rage soon drives me insane.

gossip, gossip
a constant buzz in my ears, I rage as gossip replaces my name
with with hers, as gossip replaces me with a sinner. I am no longer me
when you whisper my name. I am an
another person, as quick as putting on a mask,
I transform as you besmirch my name
with the casual exchange of lips.

Drip your poison in my glass
as i tip my head up and demand for more. Give me more lies
as I close my eyes and pray. pray, pray
for you to remember my true self
in the times to come.
become a monster that lurks beneath my skin,
hungry to feed on the one who bares lies.

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