Whenever we would sit around and read horoscopes, we would gasp and cheer at what the stars foretell. Such faraway beings that burn brighter and brighter, when you would tell the story of mine, I wished I could suddenly combust into bright, unwieldy lights. I was destined to be a scorpio: a passionate being with emotions raging inside of her daily and with secrets that never truly leave her puckered lips. I am the manipulative one; the girl who sits back as she watches relationships decay. A partitioner in the game of love, i’m never the one who pushes the button; I get someone to do all the dirty work. The greatest skillset of a grand manipulator is to never get caught. I am the innocent one with a smile that touches your heart. My eyes read heaven and my lips taste like rain showers. I plot in the middle of the night, nothing too nefarious of course. I play innocent, that is my Trump card. I will direct a conversation so you can admit your failings-i demand the truth. I test to see if he really likes me, I flirt and tease but pull back at the right moment to see if he never leaves. I am aware of my failings but who can blame me-it’s in the stars of course.

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