envelop me

envelop me, overtake me,
smother my last breath
with your kisses. i gasp
for air, for freedom,
for more, yet you bite at my lips.
a tease, you run
your tongue on the edge,
dipping into my secrets
as causally as you
fell past my defenses.
i did not see you coming;
you came suddenly, unrushed
and ungracefully into my life.
a pause, a stutter in
the script, we forgot our lines,
your mouth dry and my eyes
heavenward as i finally found you.
the missing piece to my heart,
the part of me that has been
aching, the dark, blooming holes within
me closed up, stitched tight
even before i knew your name.
you came, you saw me,
you knew the risk of me, the
casualties, the defenses, the fortress
surrendering my heart
yet you did not deter.
i am not perfect and you
weave an imperfect song
with the awkward way you laugh.
i hope you remember me
because i will try my hardest
to forget you.

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