our stories

<our stories>

We tell stories through our hair, 
we trade secrets through every 
curl and wave. Comb through 
the middle part and twists the roots, 
just how I like. Tell me when you 
were young and silly as you 
smooth my edges with gel.
Cluck your tongue at me and 
tell me to sit still as you tell me stories 
of when you snuck out and danced in 
jazz clubs until fivethirty. Kiss my 
forehead and drizzle honey on my scalp. recommend that I use olive oil and 
mint leaves because the heat does things to me that test the waves of the Nile. I never 
knew how much I loved to love my 
history through you, through us, 
through silent libraries between every 
curls. we retell history without words or 
pen; we all know our history, it’s tangled 
all over our heads…


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