Age of Swords Review

Age of Swords (The Legends of the First Empire)


Micheal J. Sullivan

Released: July 25, 2017

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4 stars

Spoilers FOR DAYZ





Goodreads Summary:

The gods have been proven mortal and new heroes will arise as the battle continues in the sequel to Age of Myth.

In Age of Myth, fantasy master Michael J. Sullivan launched readers on an epic journey of magic and adventure, heroism and betrayal, love and loss. Now the thrilling saga continues as the human uprising is threatened by powerful enemies from without—and bitter rivalries within.

Raithe, the God Killer, may have started the rebellion by killing a Fhrey, but long-standing enmities dividing the Rhune make it all but impossible to unite against a common foe. And even if the clans can join forces, how will they defeat an enemy whose magical prowess makes the Fhrey indistinguishable from gods?

The answer lies across the sea in a faraway land populated by a reclusive and dour race who feels nothing but disdain for both Fhrey and mankind. With time running out, Persephone leads the gifted young seer Suri, the Fhrey sorceress Arion, and a small band of misfits in a desperate search for aid—a quest that will take them into the darkest depths of Elan. There, an ancient adversary waits—an enemy as surprising as it is deadly.


And we are back!

What makes Sullivan’s writing differ from various others is character development. His characters are lovable, charming, relatable, and they seem so real. They are not one-dimensal characters; they are imperfect and they are aware of it. For example, the fiery and beautiful Mora is aware everyone thinks she is a “whore” but strives to become more than that. Honestly, the characters are what make the books; I would not continue to read if not to know what happens with the inspirational and amazing Persephone. I want the characters to succeed and I also want to see them become stronger throughout their journey.

So BASICally…..

There are millions of Rhunes and only about 50,000 Fhrey? Aka the Fhrey, who are on top, want to stay on top, and send giants to thin out the Rhunes. The Fhrey are the predators who are still upset that a Rhune managed to kill 2 of them and are fighting back out of fear and arrogance.

The dahl is devastated from the attack but Persephone has a plan to save her people from the Fhrey. She wants to unite all the Rhunes to fight against the Fhrey and to do that, she learns that the Dhrud can make weapons that can kill the Fhrey.

On the way, there is a lottttt of adventure, discovery, and heartbreak but in the end, Persephone proves how capable she is as a leader and becomes the “keenig” of the Rhunes. The Rhunes also make so improvement in regards to technology due to Brin and Roan.

What will happen next? War is coming and I can’t waittttt!



-I thought this was an interesting motif Sullivan reiterated. There are five races and what technically stands them apart, is technology and weaponry. Yes, the Fhrey are long-lived and beautifulllllllll but it only took a copper sword to kill one of them.

The Rhunes are considered barbarians because of their slow-building technology. Roan is brilliant and helps them make the wheel. How sad that they just learned how to make a wheel. But with Roan being all awesome, the Rhunes now have a chance when the Fhrey come to wipe them out.

The Dhreg remind me of the dwarves from Lord of the Rings. They have control of the mines, are greedy, and untrustworthy. But despite their faults, they are the more technological advanced race but lack the Art, which keeps the Fhrey on top.

Girl Power

GIRL POWER! The girls in the novel rock!!

-Persephone is inspirational, brave, and the leader the Rhunes need in the trials to come. She was hesitant to take more leadership roles because she still views herself as the widow of the chieftain but everyone can see how much her people mean to her and that she will stop at nothing to protect them. I hope her and Raithe become closer in the next novel, I could see Raithe being the God Killer and the consort to Persephone.

-Moya is a badass. Striving away from role as the pretty, charming one, she is determined to become a warrior and does impress everyone with her strength. She is fearless, she is beautiful, and she wants to become more than a pretty face, which is admirable.

-Roan, poor girl! The ex-slave is still shy but she is coming into her own as she realizes that she is necessary assist to her people’s survival. She is a genius and is beginning to not be ashamed of what she can do.

-Suri and Brin do lose some of their childlike innocence in this novel, which is heartbreaking. Hard circumstances do make them stronger and harder and I wonder how their character developments will shift and evolve in the next….4 books?


Can’t wait for the next book!


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