Life is good

Hello there! ❤


It’s been over 2 years since I first made this blog and I cannot be more thankful and appreciative of my followers who have watched me grow as a writer. YOU ROCK!


I’ve always viewed blogging as an outlet; it has helped me expressive myself in exceptional ways and I have found others who are just like me:)


I am always growing as a person and as a writer. I have been looking over my past writing and I am so glad that the tone and style has changed progressively.


I was sad when I first made this blog. there are times were I am sad but those days have become less and less I have noticed the shift in my writing and I cannot be more grateful.


I am pretty much done with my book The Four Kingdoms and I am working on a sequel now and a poetry book. I will be posting some poems from the book soon.


I want to close this post with a reminder that you are not alone and to remember to always put yourself and love yourself first ❤



Here are some artists that I have been obsessed with lately!




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