I was looking over some older poems and it is crazy how a writer’s voice can change.

I noticed a trend of my writing from last year. It was so dense with raw, angry emotions. A whirlwind of desire, confusion, and betrayal. In those moments, I felt like I was helpless to these emotions I wanted to embrace but I could not. Now that I look back and remember those feelings I had, I am happy I no longer feel the same but now I can look back and appreciate the poems I wrote during those times.

Do you ever write something in the whirlwind of a great emotion and then look back it and be surprised you can write something with such passion? It is amazing how lost you can become in the moment.

I have found a sort of clarity now and writing for me is peaceful. I used to write constantly because I did not know how to process how I was feeling. I would write and write until I felt calm. I have found that calmness now and I only feel a level of passion when I allow myself to sit down and write.

Writing can be an anchor for me but for now, it is my special time to be alone with my thoughts.

Check out my pretty…passionate poems from awhile ago. I posted them on my IG page @amateur__poet:







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