new look to blog!

I’ve been messing around with themes and images and am happy with how my blog looks now ❤ I am learning everyday through trial and error on here but its been a fun journey.


I started this blog in the summer of 2015 while I was recovering from an ACL injury. Thanks to being practically bed-ridden, I had a lot of time on my hands. I choose to post my blog on wordpress because it gave me a lot of options and I liked the available layouts. I dedicated hours/days/weeks to creating the perfect website not just for others to enjoy but for me to be proud of. When it comes to my passions and interests, I am perfectionist. Others may think something is fine but if I find one small thing wrong, I will tear it apart and rebuild.

Slowly but surely, it took me awhile to become more comfortable sharing my works on this blog-going from completely anonymous with my moniker The Amateur Poet to having my name and book plastered everywhere.

Blogging has been a journey and I like to encourage others to explore their interests and share.


I have been focused on my poetry books for awhile and will be returning to book reviews and other projects.

Since I started a new job, I feel at a lull with my writing. I would love some ideas!

What would you guys like me to write about next? I am taking suggestions!





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