Imprison the Sky Review

Imprison the Sky (The Elementae, #2)



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Goodreads Review:

Stolen from her family as a child, Aspasia has clawed her way up the ranks of Cyrus’s black market empire to captain her own trading vessel–and she risks it all every time she uses her powerful magic to free as many women, children, and Elementae from slavery as she can.

But Cyrus is close to uncovering her secrets–not only that Aspasia is an air Elementa with the ability to sail her ship through the sky, but that she is also searching for her lost family. And if Aspasia can’t find her younger siblings before Cyrus does, she will never be able to break free.

Armed with her loyal crew full of Elementae and a new recruit who controls an intriguing power, Aspasia finds herself in the center of a brewing war that spans every inch of the ocean, and her power alone may not be enough to save her friends, family, and freedom.


I received an arc via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I will try to keep this as spoiler-free as much as I can.



This book blew me away. I honestly thought I would not like it because Reign the Earth was at times slow-building and cliche but I was glad I was wrong. I should have refreshed and reread the first book because I was a little confused at first who Aspasia was but was swiftly reminded that she was the badass air elementae who helped Shelia with the flying ship.


I Love Asparia

Asp was my fav badass female character for new year. She was so fierce but tender with her crew-mates, protective and loyal. With this book, we learn more about the world and how deeply the Trifecate has effected it. We go deeper into the people and families directly affected by slavery and the wounds caused. I thought the author did a great job describing slavery and how it tears families apart. Especially with Asp who struggles with making hard decisions and still holding onto her soul.


This book was heartbreaking but also filled with hope.


I Need to Find a Kairos

The rumors are true–Kairos does make appearance after he fell in Reign the Earth and yes, he was as charming and heroic as expected. Other characters from the other book do appear but more towards the end. BUT KAIROS–UGH, soooo dreamy. But he is not this one-dimensional dreamboat; he tests Asp, who is the captain and is not afraid to speak about what he believes in. He becomes a little darker in this book which is due to what he experiences in the beginning of the book and the torture of his sister and loss of family and tribe. But with the help of Asp and the crew, he finds a new home on the sea.

If you like action-packed adventure, stories about pirates, the bonds of friendship and families tested, and a slow-building not instant romance, this is the book for you.

If there is a third book, I will definitely be reading.

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