Proofs Are Here–Ascend OFFICIALLY Coming

My Proofs for Ascend came in the mail!

I made a few changes so the official cover will be released most likely by tomorrow.

Ascend (Weightless: Part Two) “as i ascend, as i am gifted wings of fiery unity, i find that i cannot allow myself to fly unburdened with this weight that holds me back. i want to succeed, i want to be the best me i can possibly be but i cannot do so without admitting my wrongdoings. and i have plenty.” A new chapter in her life, Mecca-Amirah returns with Ascend, a collection of sins and confessions. The follow-up project to Weightless, Jackson continues her path to redemption as she explores topics like accountability and maturity. Ascend is a cathartic experience of facing your demons with visceral prose and unembellished poetry.
I changed the font but same cover
My big, cheesy grin 😀

Let’s focus on the positive as much as we can! When there are times of hurting, there will be healing that soon follows.

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