is this love (hibernation between the Sheets)


is this love? i asked him when he shut the blinds. the heat from the sun glaring through the windowpane, the back of my knees slick and wet, hands tensed like a trap, i waited. eternity ticked by as you undressed me with your eyes…lights dimmed, can you even see my face?  nose bumping mine, cheek to teeth, my back meets the cold wood of the bed frame. it’s time. i watch from above–two bodies coiling like serpents in heat. i rise with each thrust, eyes faded, soul separated. your hands hold me hostage, every jerk, causing my arms and legs to flap. is this love? i whisper to the sheets? your back to mine as you fall asleep. i dig my nails into the mattress and burrow to find leftover heat. hibernation between the sheets…

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