Hunt Review


Alexandria Warwick

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

*Some spoilers ahead*

We are in the third book of this series, and each book becomes better and harder to put down. Book 1 was about Apaay’s tenacity; as the main character, you cannot help but admire her determination to survive against the odds despite the trauma that requires the strength to move forward. Book 2 was visceral and raw with hurting and healing. Healing is not supposed to be easy–which we see with Apaay becoming more withdrawn and lashing out at Ila. 

Book 3 really highlighted how far Apaay and Ila have grown as characters, and you cannot help but admire them as they ignite and inspire those around them. Book 2 really elevated Ila as a character for me, and I saw the foundation she was buildingr reflected in Huntas she takes a stand as a leader of her people. Also, despite the many odds Ila has been stacked against her, she was always kind and understand, which I find admirable. 

As opposed to Apaay, Apaay lost a lot through this series, and her lashing out, and self-destructive behavior was understandable–honestly, if she weren’t a little bitchy after she went through, the story would not be credible. But in Hunt, Apaay is learning how to trust, and we see her growth, especially with her relationship with the Face Stealer. The tension between the two characters–there was always a hum in the background, but wow, the tension was hot and in your face, and I loved it. I loved seeing Apaay being a young woman and having simple worries like feeling awkward and unsure around her crush. After all, she’s been through (and still going through), it felt like a win that Apaay can still act like a young woman. 

Also, Book 3 explores other elements of the world, and we get a glimpse of other clans and a better understanding of the challenges stacked against the characters. 

I definitely recommend it for those who like stories with dark fantasy elements and strong and unwavering female leads.

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