Damn, I Wish It Were Real

Damn, I Wish It Were Real

once upon a time,
there was no me without you.

gossip spun a thread of tenderness between us and i could not help but gnaw at the center until it snapped into two. there was a time when my dreams were solely built for you.

your own personal heaven; you wreaked havoc in my heart too. i let you in too quickly,
with too little defenses.

tangible quandaries disappeared
and words like i love you remained ethereal. you were so amazing, brave, stubborn; you took me by the chin and promised tomorrows, and i fell in love with
the spider webs you spun amid patient

tongues and hungry hands.
love, love was beneath your gaze and

damn, i wish it were real…

but love like that was never meant to last– slow embers wheezing soot.
the crash and hiss of waves receding
from selene’s neglect…

i was foolish once, maybe twice before but i promise, never again.

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