Spain – April 2022


Spain has my heart 💕🇪🇸 #madrid #ibiza #barcelona

♬ Amour plastique – Videoclub


Madrid took me by surprise in the most beautiful ways. Maybe it is also because my group lucked out on the perfect weather but my time in Madrid was my favorite.

Let’s start with me illegally taking photos in the Prado museum lol No, let’s start off to say that if you are planning to visit Spain, to research when businesses and restaurants actually open because my group arrived in the morning and we were wandering the streets on Madrid looking very toursita with our suitcases and our bemused expressions why nothing was open. Luckily we did find a cafe that took pity on us and let us chill there before we could go in our Airbnb. Out of the three cities my group visited, Madrid was my favorite! There was so much to do– the Prado Museum, Tapas and Wine Tour, rooftop bars, clubs, and a drag show.


A lot of the pictures I have of Ibiza are from the country side – I was surprised when I came here. It reminded me of the Jersey Shore and Miami which makes sense since a lot of Europeans like to visit for their Spring Breaks and to party. I preferred the countryside where we could take cool pictures and see a lighthouse. Also, the people here absolutely so nice and helpful!


There was so much to do in Barcelona! I think I walked the most in Barcelona because there was so much to see. The Sagrada Famila was absolutely gorgeous. The Monstrett Monastary–just seeing the cliffs and mountains, it truly boggles my mind to see how as humans, we can create such beautiful sights. But please, be aware of pickpocketers! My friend was almost pickpocketed in Madrid but OMG in Barcelona, my this instance was more violent and it was in the middle of the day~ Super scary experience in such a beautiful city.

Overall, my experience in Spain was amazing and I would recommend for people who like to sight see and walk around cities.

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