Mecca-Amirah Jackson

the dandelions
once catered to my wants
and needs. bending by the
stem to lend an ear, i
brushed my lips
on you, eager to spread
the buzz of secrets.
you once shook
in excitement, the tickle
of the summer breeze
once tasted like rain.
we shared laughs
and you brushed
my tears, tenderly, motherly
i needed that touch, that
love in the storms to come.
so why did you leave
when i needed you the most?
one by one, two by two,
i felt you slipping away from me.
it hurt. the pain–indescribable.
you abandoned me when
the pain ripped me apart,
the sheer agony blinded
me, yet i still foolishly reached
out, praying you would
love like you once did
that summer’s day. little
did i know, that your love
had already faded.

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