I miss you, I miss you 

I miss you, I miss you.
I will sing this woeful song in the threes,
in iambic pentameter,
anything to prove how much you mean to me.

I miss you, I miss you.
I miss the sting of your dismissal.
The disinterest in your eyes.
I want to earn your love,
I’ll do anything to please you.
I’ll get on my knees and happily bend into any shape.
Just don’t leave me!

Because I miss you, I miss you.
I miss your touch, the sound of your voice.
The roughness of your palms,
the callouses between your joint and thumb.
I love the crease between your brows,
the edge of your teeth.
I dissolve into a puddle on
anticipation when you remember me.

Your love is all I need to sustain me.
Who am I without you?
I’m nothing without your gaze.
Nothing without you—
can’t you see how
I need you. Deserve you.
We’re so perfect together.
Without you, without you…
I’ll simply disappear in the chaos of life.
The crowd of blinking eyes and moving lips.
insignificant in the eyes of many
but before you, I exist.

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