Trader Joe’s Monstera Plant

After another Trader Joe’s run, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the store was selling my new favorite houseplant–the monstera plant.

I’ve seen the monstera houseplant all over social media–proud plant parents showing off the plants gorgeous and unique leaves as I watched over in envy.

So when I saw the plant (and after promising to wait to buy more plants until I moved) I quickly, and recklessly bought the monstera plant and more snacks than necessary. The thing about Trader Joe’s is that I go in with a plan to buy three things and end up buying half the store.

The Monstera Plant

Having become obsessed with my new plant, I did some research on how to care for my new plant baby and quickly decided that I needed more.

I found these care instructions and monstera plant on Amazon:

Image Provided by Amazon

What are your thoughts on the Monstera plant?

So far, the leaves look so unique and really brighten the room. I will be moving to my new apartment soon and am already imagining all the places where I want to put it.

You can purchase a Monstera plant here

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