unrequited love

unrequited love is a disease. 

it eats at me, ravages me.
i am no longer me when the waves hit me. 

i am slumbered beneath the sea.

 i am in mourning.

 i am a tree that has lost its leaves.

 the autumn of my life, i must salvage what is left; 

i will replant in the spring. i will plow my fields; with my own hand. 

the pleasure can be too much to handle, 

but the rain comes when i call.

 i am my own goddess, i am my own harbinger. 

muse to my fate, i inscribe lies to fend off my own misery. 

i take blades to my fields because i find imperfections 

in the presence of raw, unfettered beauty.
in my dreams, you always wore white.

 i should have known, you were no angel, 

not heaven-sent… 

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