Leave your name at the beep

Ring. Ring.

I’m sorry to disappoint you,
But I don’t exist.
Those messages you’ve tried to send
Will bounce back
Because there was never anyone
Living at the address or called that name.
She’s not gone— she never was.
Like a phantom that has slipped through
The cracks of life, there will never
be anyone to mourn me.
No legacy on this earth—
Why expect tears that fall like
summer rain when I’ve never
given people a reason to miss me?

I’m not worth
the trials of grief.
No relationships built to
withstand the hands of time.
No chance for my name to wave in the wind, like a white flag.

I’m not worthy of feelings like grief and regret. No funerals, clinical
hands that wash and dress
 up my rotting flesh,
No sorrowful farewells and remiss prayers.
I never existed.

So please, do not call here again.

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